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Assessment Program

The Assessment Program at Mind and Brain Inc. offers a comprehensive evaluation for children who face challenges in cognitive (thinking), academic and social development. Our evaluations give parents, teachers and physicians a well-rounded understanding of a child's learning profile and provide recommendations to help address the difficulties they encounter. We also provide assessments to college students and adults. The evaluation takes about half a day, during which you and your child meet with a team of specialists. Later that day, the specialists meet to share their findings with one another and to develop a comprehensive diagnostic understanding and intervention plan. A few weeks later, a member of that team the case coordinator shares the findings with you at a feedback meeting. Detailed written reports are provided as well.

Who do we evaluate?
We evaluate children who have problems with school functioning academic, cognitive, behavioral or social. The evaluation may also be appropriate for some children with medical or neurological conditions that may be affecting their development and school functioning.

What questions does this evaluation address?


Our Approach to Learning Disabilities
Our unique approach brings together experts from a number of different fields to look at your whole child. Many of our educational providers are former teachers who understand the challenges of working with children learning disabilities in the classroom. Your child's evaluation will include meetings with experts in:

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